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    Fantasymodels started in 1998 in Europe and manages models in the Adult Industry. We book models for content shoots in Florida, LA, Hungary and Prague.

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Calendar Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Favorite Adult Awards

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  • Lydia K

    Lydia K.

    I was brand new in the business when I found you and really appreciate you, for the first class treatment, Hugs XOXOXO

  • Melanie DD

    Melanie DD

    It's pure luck to have you guys in my corner looking out for me. Make things much easier and not to mention safer.

  • Desere M.

    Desere M

    Thanks for being their when I didn't know where to turn.

Adult Performer, Adult Modeling Agency Dallas, Fort Worth, Florida, LA, Hungary and Prague
Welcome To Fantasymodels

Adult Models

This is your entry to the adult modeling/performing world. We have dedicated ourselves to your safety and ensure a pleasant experience in your journey to become an adult performer. Fantasymodels is a veteran in the industry and has been a spring board for new comers for over 10 years with talent agents in America, South America and Europe.

We are successful and are trusted as a starting point.

We believe in basic values like honesty, trust and respect. The way we see it, is that we work for you not you for us. When we do our job right all of us benefit at the end.
We don’t allow ESCORTING. PERIOD.

We do not put you in rough or degrading scenes. If you are starting out we book easier shoots featuring new girls.

We also do not require contracts or ask you to sign a representation contract of any kind.
We are a one stop shop for your start. We take care of the phone calls and bookings.

What can you earn?
Average shoots in the industry can run $800-$1000. Bookings are done in LA, Florida, Hungary and Prague.

How do we get paid?
We get paid a commission on jobs completed. Commission is set at 15% without lodging or transportation.

Where can you get more info on the adult industry in general or on us?

  1. Look at our who we are page
  2. Read about Pit Falls and Scams
  3. Get some testimonials
  4. Still need more info call us.

What do you have to do to get started?
Call us to talk to one of our talent advisers. You can also fill out our easy online model application form. If you need any help or have any questions whatsoever you can also drop us an email at andrea(at)fantasymodels.info

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